Near the border, hundreds of Palestinians clash with Israeli soldiers


 There were nighttime clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli soldiers for the first time in two years on Saturday (August 28, 2021), witnesses said.

The so-called "night disturbance units" reportedly detonated homemade bombs, stuck tires on fire, whistled, caused disturbances with soldiers stationed at the border with Israel and burned tires.

They reported hearing live gunfire and little drones hurling tear gas canisters to disperse the protesters, who were chanting anti-Israel slogans and approaching the fence of the borders.

Several protesters were injured and shot, according to medical sources. One was shot in the head and is in critical condition and the other six were moderately injured in their legs.

Early on Saturday, the Palestinian factions containing members of the Islamic Resistance Movement and the National Liberation Front (Hamas) decided that protests near the borders with Israel would resume.

The group said the activities will continue until the siege is lifted and Palestinian demands are met. Launching incendiary balloons is one of those activities.

Israeli officials tightened the blockade imposed since 2007 which sparked protests near the border fence in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian faction leaders insist that Israel's blockade of Gaza will not be lifted until all anti-Israel activities are suspended.

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