Tyler Cameron's ex Camila Kendra is not dating Lewis Hamilton

Have you heard from her since? The rumor mill is already speculating about a rebound
romance for Bachelor Nation fan favorite Camila Kendra,

who recently split with Tyler Cameron.

Kendra, 22, has been linked to race car driver Lewis Hamilton, according to reports,

but her representative told Us Weekly on Tuesday, August 17, that the rumors are

"100 percent" false.

There is no romantic relationship between Camila and Lewis. Their relationship is

nothing more than friends," her rep told Us in a statement.

Several sexy Instagram photos of Kendra caused relationship speculation.

There were several fans who claimed that Hamilton, 36, was at her home because

trophies could be seen in the background. In another photo, Nicole Scherzinger's ex,

Hamilton, appeared to be wearing the same plaid shirt Kendra was wearing.

Sources told Us, however, that the photos weren't recently taken. Those photos were

taken when Cameron was in Kentucky a while back, and the plaid shirt is Cameron's.

She was still with them when she snapped the picture.

In addition, she said her visit with Lewis was alongside her ex. At the time when they

crossed paths, Cameron, 28, was with her as well as her brother. The source added,

"She wasn't staying alone at Lewis' house."

Camila and Lewis are good friends, but the insider reported that Lewis did not show

any interest in her.

According to a reliable source, Kendra ended the romance with Cameron when she

first became linked to him publicly in January.

According to an exclusive source, Camila ended their relationship. Her very lucrative

career was calling for her attention."

She travels the world for photoshoots and has worked with Fenty and Jeffree Star

Cosmetics. Insiders claim that Barkitecture's host spent time vacationing in Rome

following the breakup before traveling to London for work.


A separate source told Us after they broke up, "Everything was going well until it wasn't.".

“Friends weren’t expecting it to end so quickly.”

The former reality star seemed perfectly content with the relationship as recently as July 27.

Even on his first date with Andy Cohen, he raved about their instant connection.

"We sat down at a restaurant and talked non-stop for hours. Having no menu in front of us,

I just told them, "Bring whatever you like." So we just chatted and hung out. It took us four

hours to sit there. “It was a great night,” Cameron said at the time.

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