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It has been an important part of history for millennia that people have been writing letters. No matter if you write a note, postcard, or letter, it is an art that never dies. Today, most people use email for convenience and don't put much emphasis on writing letters. Yet it does not mean that letters are no longer an art form. You can add a personalized touch to your digital communication with a little bit of extra effort and make a letter as unique as the author of it.

how to write a postcard

What is a postcard?

Typically, a postcard has the address of the sender and the recipient on the front and the return address (or name) on the back. The collecting of postcards became a popular hobby among many people in the 20th century. It's a good thing that you don't have to worry about writing a complicated postcard! To get you started, we'll go over what you should include and how to write a postcard.

Sending a postcard to a loved one or friend when you're on vacation or expressing joy is a great gesture. In spite of the ease with which you can share your adventures through social media, you can still share your whereabouts by postcard, giving it a classic charm and warmth. If you want to send a postcard, you have two options. A local shop can sell you a postcard while you're on vacation, or you can create and mail custom postcards using your own pictures when you return. We suggest the second option if you want your postcard to be unique and original by including a photo during your travels.


How to address a postcard without lines

Your family and friends will be able to see a unique glimpse of your trip and destination when you send a postcard. 

To make your postcard unique, make sure that your address is correct so there will be no mishaps. Below, you'll find step by step instructions:

  • Address the recipient on the back of the postcard. To address a postcard, always refer to the back side because the front of the card has a photo. To begin, flip over the photo-side of the postcard.
  • Right-click on the postcard and type the recipient's address. In the back of a postcard, there are two sections, with the right section being the recipient's address. The address will typically be written in three lines on most postcards.
  • On the left hand side of the postcard, write the address of the person you're sending the card to. You can use affectionate language, such as "Dear Uncle John" or "My dearest friend Lisa", when sending a postcard to a close friend or family member. Be informal when sending a card. It is safest to use standard titles if your relationship with the recipient is formal, such as "Dear Mr. John Doe" or "Dear Mrs. Jane Doe".
  • Put the date in the text. You must always include the date you are sending the postcard at the top right hand corner. If those cards are to be used as holiday cards, you can include a note that tells recipients where the photo was taken, in case they weren't aware of the previous trip.
  • Handwrite the message you wish to send. You can share your sentiments, adventures, and any other experiences you had on your trip by filling in the left hand side of the postcard. Sharing your favorite memory from your trip or a discovery from your journey makes it feel more personal. 
  • Any special encounters or lessons you learned on your adventure will be of interest to the recipient. You can write about meeting new people, trying new foods, participating in a new activity, or visiting new attractions.
  • Fill out the postcard. Close by wishing your friend or loved one well. You could say goodbye by saying “See you soon” "Wish I was here," or "Hugs" from (destination).
  • Send your letters with a stamp. Be sure to affix a stamp before you post your postcard! In the upper right corner, close to the recipient's address, you stamp a postcard. Don't forget to include the correct postage when sending an international card.
  • Send the letter via First Class Mail if possible. Even if your mailing address is incorrect, you should still send your postcards using First Class Mail, so you can be sure they arrive. The post office will send your postcard to the most recent address listed in their system for the recipient if your address book isn't up to date.

Our guide on how to address a letter can help you improve your writing skills if you're looking for more information on stationery etiquette.

Consider describing your trip in your post card for inspiration on what to write. You can include an exciting or fun experience you've had in your post card. If you choose, you can also include travel tips that relate to your adventure and give the recipient a unique insight into the trip.

  • Tell us about your day.
  • Share a local expression with a translation.
  • Learn a new tradition and share it with us.
  • In your card, you can include a recipe.
  • Describe the weather.
  • Imagine yourself traveling and draw a doodle.
  • What have you learned? Write about it.
  • If you are visiting a city, write a fun fact about it.
  • Why did you take that post card photo?
  • If you plan to send post cards during the holiday season, consider sharing some holiday sayings.
  • Send a postcard if you recently moved.

Important steps to write a post card

The first step is to select a postcard that represents you or your message. Try being creative!

Your customers will appreciate the cards you send. Additionally, it allows you to introduce people to your brand. A postcard's image is one of its most compelling characteristics. If you are sending a postcard to someone, you can include a relevant image. Your postcard will be more likely to be liked if it is personalized. Using postcards to reach a mass audience is an excellent marketing method. You can make them very inexpensively and easily. Also, you can interact with your clients and potential clients using these tools. Postcards are the best because they can be found anywhere, which means you can send them anywhere. The convenience of carrying a postcard around in one's pocket makes it ideal for networking events. Postcards are easy to write. You first need to choose a picture. You could share your memories by taking pictures of the places you visited. On the back of the postcard, write a message.

Please make sure that your postcard is flipped over to the lined side before sending. Right on the right side should be your mailing address. Their name, address, zip code, city, state, and country should be written down. On the postcard, do not include the address. Ensure that your writing is legible and clear. Rather than using an ink pen, prefer a ballpoint pen. The stamp should be placed on the upper right corner of the postcard.

Local post offices, banks, and gas stations sell stamps. You can also buy stamps online if you are abroad. Simply put the stamp on the upper right hand corner of the postcard. Using the back of the card is the best way to ensure your postcard reaches your intended audience. You should place it in the highest corner of the card.

The date should be written in the bottom-left corner of the postcard

Looking back at a postcard allows people to reminisce. Additionally, it's a practical way to share information. Putting a specific location under or above the date lets readers know from where your story is coming from.

For Example, you can write

January 2021, Chennai, Tamilnadu India

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