In Norway, five people were killed by bow and arrow, and the attacker was arrested


In a small Norwegian town, an armed man shot arrows at shoppers, killing five people, authorities said.

The police chief in Kongsberg, a community near Oslo, said officers and the attacker engaged in a "confrontation," but he offered no details. Besides the off-duty officer, another person was wounded and added to the intensive care unit, including a mall security guard, police said.

The man responsible has been arrested, and no additional suspects are being actively searched, according to Police Chief Oeyving Aas. We know of only one suspect in the case based on the information we have.


"Gross and horrifying," Erna Solberg said of the attack and that we should not speculate about its purpose at this time. According to Norwegian news agency NTB, the new prime minister-designate called the assault "cruel and brutal".

An alert was sent to police about 6:15 p.m. Approximately 30 minutes later, the suspect was arrested. Approximately 26,000 people live in the community southwest of Oslo.

He was shooting arrows in downtown Kongsberg, according to the police. "Several crime scenes are involved," Aas said, adding that the man has not yet been investigated. The man has not been questioned, Aas said.

As a result of the attack, PST was notified.

Those affected by the attack, as well as their relatives, were invited to a hotel for support.

It is rare in Norway for mass killings to occur. In Oslo, right-wing extremist Anders Breivik set off a bomb on July 22, 2011, killing eight people. Afterward, he went to tiny Utoya Island, where he killed another 69 Labor Party youth members, most of them teens.

Norwegian law imposes a maximum of 21 years in prison on Breivik, although his prison term can be increased if he is considered to be a threat to society.

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