Prosecutors say a Georgia man spent $ 57,000 on Pokémon cards with a Covid business loan


Prosecutors claim a man spent $57,000 on a Pokémon card using a pandemic relief loan.

Vinath Oudomsine has been charged with lying about the number of people employed by his business and its gross revenue in an application for a pandemic economic relief loan. A charge of wire fraud has been filed against the Dublin, Georgia, man.

Oudomsine received $ 85,000 in August last year, and used the money to purchase a Pokémon card for $ 57,589.

Lawyers for the defense declined to comment on the case, according to a report in the Telegraph of Macon, Georgia.

Thousands of dollars can be spent on rare Pokémon cards. Traders have been bidding up the prices of trading cards, video games, and other mementos.

Dublin has about 16,000 residents and is located approximately 130 miles southeast of Atlanta.

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