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More Afghan workers to be evacuated from Spain, families left behind
Twitter removes the blue verification badge from Taliban ministries' accounts
Taliban ban barbers from shaving and trimming beards in Helmand
SAARC meeting cancelled as Pakistan requested Taliban representation
Taliban demand lifting of sanctions against 'Islamic Emirate', say they're willing to work with everyone
Taliban allowing women to continue higher education, but classrooms are gender segregated
Commercial flights from Pakistan to Kabul will resume on Monday
Afghanistan's Taliban are to ban women's sports : Reports
The Taliban government will uphold Islamic law and Sharia law
Beijing will support Taliban as Afghanistan offers economic and political benefits
As heavy fighting continues in Panjshir, 600 Taliban fighters have been killed
Habibtullah Akhunzada is the supreme leader of the Afghan government : Taliban
As a result of US withdrawal from Afghanistan, Pakistan may be delisted from the FATF greylist
Very heartwarming! Images of an Afghan girl skipping on a tarmac go viral in Belgium after evacuation
Taliban takes control of Kabul airport, marches across runway
At Kabul airport, multiple rockets were Fired, intercepted by the missile defense system
Americans are urged to leave the Kabul airport area due to a credible threat
Afghanistan's airport is seized by the Taliban as the US prepares to withdraw its troops
An airstrike by the United States kills an IS member in retaliation for the attack on the Kabul airport
Taliban womens should not go to work for their own safety