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Controversial Perra music video : J Balvin apologizes for 'Perra' video controversy
Ldaho mall shooting news : 2 killed, police officer among 5 injured
Prosecutors say a Georgia man spent $ 57,000 on Pokémon cards with a Covid business loan
Dallas latest news : Southwest Airlines require that employees have full vaccination records
Wadsworth news today : Woman running around Wadsworth to raise money for wounded veterans
Philadelphia city news today : A hospital employee was killed by a coworker
At least 100 people have died in prison fighting in Guayaquil, Ecuador
Children born in 2021 will experience more wildfires, floods and droughts than their grandparents
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry met top UN official at world leaders' meeting
Derails of Amtrak train in US result in three deaths and several injuries
US, India launch task forces to expand clean technology use in hydrogen and biofuels
Spying by aliens on International Space Station? NASA livestream shows ten UFOs
Five injured in aircraft crash in Texas residential area
Watch SpaceX's historic all-civilian crew return safely to Earth
Haitian migrants gather near Texas border as US ramps up expulsion plans
To combat climate change, US President Joe Biden urges nations to reduce methane emissions
Anthony Fauci said the deadly pandemic is nowhere near "under control" in the US
Antony Blinken visits Qatar to discuss Afghanistan crisis
Florence Pugh is the winner of Netizens' hearts, not Scarlett Johansson!
As a result of US withdrawal from Afghanistan, Pakistan may be delisted from the FATF greylist